Alternative Curriculum/Schooling

(Note: Julie used this page as part of ECS100 online course, Fall 2015)

Questions to do some writing on during lecture:

  1. What is ‘alternative’ about the space/school being described?
  2. Describe some of the different ways students might experience school/learning in this space
  3. If you had to create a motto for this school, what would it be?

Guiding Questions for Seminar

  1. What does this pedagogical space make possible? Impossible?
  2. Who can easily access and be part of this space?
  3. How is pedagogy enacted in this space?
  4. What are you wondering about? What questions do you have?

Regina Christian School
2505 23rd Ave. Regina, SK
School Website
Mission Statement
Regina Christian School, in partnership with the home and Church, will provide a Christ-centered education equipping students spiritually, academically, and physically to pursue a life of Godly character for service to the Lord Jesus Christ and others.
Tuition Info

Prairie Sky School
Prairie Sky School (YouTube) 8:15 minutes
3337 15th Ave., Regina, SK.
School Website
Vision: Prairie Sky School’s vision is that children’s sense of wonder and curiosity in the world be celebrated and encouraged in everyday learning, and that students develop a sense of confidence and purpose in life to prepare them to creatively and responsibly step into the world.
Tuition Info

Cornwall Alternative School
Cornwall Alternative School (YouTube) 9:47 minutes
40 Dixon Cr., Regina, SK
School Website
Cornwall is an alternative school for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are experiencing difficulty (behavior, unstable home environment; involvement in youth court; drug/alcohol related problems; recent institutional release; presently in open custody.
Mandate: To meet the needs of the individual students and their families referred by the Regina Public School Board, Regina Catholic School Board, and Saskatchewan Community and Resources "Never giving Up on the minds of Tomorrow."
Funding Information

Montessori School of Regina
Montesorri School of Regina
4715 McTavish Street, Regina, SK
Philosophy: "Help me learn to do it for myself!"

Mother Teresa Middle School:
1975 2nd Ave. N (in St. Michael's School), Regina, SK.
The Mother Teresa Middle School of Regina provides an enhanced, holistic Saskatchewan Education approved, faith-based middle school education to the vulnerable in inner city Regina and incorporates the NativityMiguel Effectiveness Standards.
School Website
Location and Photos
CBC Story Interesting article but the online dialogue of comments tells its own story.
Principal's Message (YouTube) 1:11 minutes
Director's Message (YouTube) 3:10 minutes (talking about 'curriculum' of school)
Privately funded right now - Paul Hill
Future plans: To secure independent school registration (school name, site, corporate owner, board, director, principal and grade commitment) and be accredited with provincial funding in fall 2014 or earlier if possible. (from the school website)