Assignment Snapshot:
1. Curriculum as Place (one-page paper): 5% Due: Jan. 23rd, 2015
2. Curriculum as Lived (visual representation, The New Teacher Book stories): 20% Due: February 13th, 2015
3. Curriculum Theorists as Guides (research, reflective written piece, 4-5 pages, APA format): 25% Due: March 6th, 2015
4. Curriculum as Written, Planned & Taught: (group project based on Witness Blanket Project and integrating Aboriginal Content & Perspectives into the Curriculum): 30% Due: March 20th & 27th (lecture & seminar times)
5. Curriculum as Narrative (final project to tell your curriculum journey through this semester): 20% Due: April 15th, 2015

Journal Assignment:

You may choose any form of journaling, any way to express yourself - word document, google doc, blog, online recording such as VoiceThread, artistic & written, notebook, and so on.The important thing is not how you respond or how pretty it is but rather what you are thinking, connecting, reflecting, questioning.
All journal entries are to deepen your understanding of curriculum so will be shared in seminars but will not be handed in. Instead, you will be asked to complete a response paper (that will vary in length) at the end of each assignment section. For example, Journal Entry 1 and 2 focus on Curriculum as Place so you complete both entries and then write a response paper on the concept of Curriculum as Place.
There are 4 assignment sections so you will write 4 papers to hand in to be assessed.

1. Curriculum as Place: How People and Places Shape Us & Our Understanding of Curriculum

Reflective Journal
Journal Entry #1: What IS curriculum? Due: January 23rd, 2015
3 key questions:
  • What IS curriculum?
  • What is my relationship with curriculum?
  • How have experiences of school shaped me and my understanding of curriculum?
Reflective Journal
Journal Entry #2: Witness Blanket Project Proposed Due Date: January 23rd, 2015
Visit the Witness Blanket Project and spend some time exploring, reading, viewing the project website.
Is there an artifact(s) in the Witness Blanket that resonates/shapes/challenges you and the relationship between you and curriculum? Draw a sketch and think about why you choose this specific artifact. What is (or do you think is) the story? What connections are you making? What are you wondering about?
3 key questions:
  • What is curriculum?
  • What is the relationship between you and curriculum?
  • Who are you becoming as ‘teacher’?
5% 1-2 page paper (to be handed in and graded): How would you define curriculum as place DUE: January 23rd, 2015

2. Curriculum as Lived - 20% (Part A & B)

Part A: In this section of the assignment, you will engage in a process of revealing and unpacking your own ideologies to better understand the ‘messages to the students’ that you, as teacher, promote intentionally and unintentionally. Then, you will complete a critical reflection in a format that best represents your thinking.(blog is optional, your choice)
READ the following stories in the text, New Teacher Book:
  • Teaching in the Undertow: Resisting the Pull of Schooling-as-usual p. 43
  • The Brown Kids Can't Be in Our Club p. 83
  • What can I do when a student makes a racist or sexist remark? p.93
  • Framing the Family Tree: How Teachers can be Sensitive to Students' Family Situations p.95
  • Heather's Moms got Married p. 103
  • Out Front p. 111
  • Curriculum is Everything that Happens p. 163
  • Working Effectively with English Language Learners p.183
  • Teaching Controversial Content p. 199
  • Unwrapping the Holidays: Reflections on a Difficult First Year p. 317
Reflective Journal:
Journal Entry #3 - How Stories Shape Our Lives (based on textbook readings: The New Teacher Book): Due: January 30th, 2015 (1-2 page paper to be shared in seminar, handed in to your seminar leader for feedback and will be considered a part of the overall 20% for Assignment #2: Curriculum as Lived. Your journal entry will NOT be graded individually.)
4 key questions:
  • What is curriculum?
  • What is the relationship between you and curriculum?
  • How do your experiences influence your understanding of curriculum?
  • Who are you becoming as ‘teacher’?
Part B: Visual Representation: Due: February 13th, 2015 (worth 20% of your mark)
Choose one or more of these stories to examine critically and in-depth (one story in depth, a few that you connect to or several that you see in an interconnected way)
  • Respond to resonances (making connections; seeing one experience in terms of another)
  • Respond to dissonances (or ‘bumps’, a feeling of discomfort, beliefs challenged).
  • Be critical! Go beyond simply liking or disliking the story!
Create a visual representation of your response. Your representation will be some form ofvisual or creative response such as a drawing, sketch, collage, painting, photograph, poem, story, or scrapbook and you may use any form, including digital to represent your response.

3.Curriculum Theorists as Guides - (worth 25% of your final grade) Due Date: March 6th, 2015

Introducing Amazing Pedagogues! Who is guiding our journey?
Read, research, reflect, connect - who are you bringing into the room? Messages?
Write a 4-5 page research page (APA style) on 2-3 curriculum theorists that are walking alongside you.See Assignment Description & Rubric below.

Reflective Journal:Due Date: March 6th, 2015
Journal Entry #4 - Curriculum Theorists as Guides (handed in or shared in seminar, will inform your research paper which is graded for the 25% and helps you to continue your recursive journey of understanding curriculum - this will also help you in your final assignment)
Reflective piece on 4 key questions:
  • What is curriculum?
  • What is the relationship between you and curriculum?
  • Who are you becoming as ‘teacher’?
  • How does your educational philosopher influence and guide you in your journey?

4.Curriculum as Written, Planned and Taught - 30%

Due Date: March 20th and 27th, 2015 (morning lecture time AND afternoon seminar time will be used for these group presentations.
PreK-5, Middle Years and Secondary planning using the official Saskatchewan Curriculum document connecting with Witness Blanket Project (focusing on Residential School Experiences, integrating Aboriginal content/perspectives, teaching Treaties in the classroom.

Project Objectives:
  • To explore the implications for an anti-oppressive orientation to curriculum design;

  • To understand that teachers can exercise a high degree of agency in various ways in relation to curriculum;

  • To explore the implications of curriculum design for teachers and learners, especially around issues of equity;

  • To explore the possibilities and tensions of teaching with Aboriginal perspectives across the K-8 school curriculum.

5. Curriculum as Narrative (Final Reflective Assignment) - 20%
Reflective Journal:Due Date: April 15th, 2015
Journal Entry #5: So... What IS Curriculum?
SO...What is curriculum? What is the relationship between you & curriculum?
What is curriculum? What is the relationship between you and curriculum? Final reflections and connections of curriculum journey.
Reflect, connect and share your journey in whatever form you choose.