ECS 210 Assignments & Assessment of Learning:

Assessment of Learning

  1. Autobiography: Building a Sense of Self: How Stories Have Shaped Our Lives 25%

You will write a 4-5 page (double-spaced, word-processed) autobiographical piece that provides a snapshot of who you are, where you come from, your experiences (life, family, school) and your values and beliefs (AND if possible, we'd appreciate you including a photograph).

Please hand in to your seminar leader for comments/feedback on Thursday, September 13th, 2012. No marks will be assigned at this time but this piece will be an important part of your final Curriculum Journey Performance piece. This written autobiographical story would also be excellent to include in your Professional Portfolio.

1) Reading Responses/Journals 30%
  • Response #1 (weighted as 10%) due: Thursday, October 13th
  • Response #2 (weighted as 20%) due: Thursday, November 17th
2) Curriculum Messages 30%
  • Teacher as Critical Reflective Practitioner (weighted as 10%) due: Thursday, September 29th
  • Teacher as Curriculum Designer (weighted as 20%) due: Thursday, November 3rd

3) Curriculum Journey Performance 40% due: Thursday, December 8th

Attendance and Contributions in Class 10%

Assignment Details

Note: all assignments must be completed satisfactorily in order for you to pass this course.

1) Reading Responses/Journals (30%)
Understand that this assignment is designed to be process heavy, and to reward you for doing some things that should make your learning/experience in the course more meaningful. Writing about something means that we will have engaged with the reading differently than if we just read it. These writings are also a significant sign of your preparation.

The assignment has two parts.

1. Students will be responsible to come to each Tuesday’s lecture, having read the assigned reading and with a written response prepared to facilitate conversation/deepen understanding. There will be a writing prompt posted on the wiki. Although you are required to bring this writing to class, it will not be handed-in. These writings will also be used during your seminar. Suggested length: 1-2 pages (NO more than 2 pages)

2. Twice during the course, you will hand in a sample of these writings, choosing two pieces from among the weekly writings that you feel represents something important about your thinking/processing around the course material. Along with these two pieces you will include a brief explanation (approx. 1 page) for why you chose these writings and a brief reflection on what you’re thinking about/questioning.

2) Curriculum Messages (30%)

A. Teacher as Critical Reflective Practitioner

In this assignment, you will engage in a process of revealing and unpacking your own ideologies to better understand the ‘messages to the students’ that you, as teacher, promote intentionally and unintentionally. As you read the ten selected teacher stories (listed below) shared in The New Teacher Book, you will respond to resonances (making connections; seeing one experience in terms of another) and dissonances (or ‘bumps’, a feeling of discomfort, beliefs challenged). You may present this critical reflection in a format that best represents your thinking. These reflections may be represented in a 1-2 page written and/or visual formats such as drawings, sketches, collages, paintings, photographs, poems, poetry, stories, journal, scrapbook.
New Teacher Book Stories:
'Teaching in the Undertow: Resisting the Pull of Schooling-as-usual' p. 43
'The Brown Kids Can't Be in Our Club' p. 83
'What can I do when a student makes a racist or sexist remark?' p.93
'Framing the Family Tree: How Teachers can be Sensitive to Students' Family Situations' p.95
'Heather's Moms got Married' p. 103
'Out Front' p. 111
'Curriculum is Everything that Happens' p. 163
'Working Effectively with English Language Learners' p.183
'Teaching Controversial Content' p. 199
'Unwrapping the Holidays: Reflections on a Difficult First Year' p. 317
‘Part A’ will be handed into your seminar instructor on Thursday September 29th.

B. Teacher as Curriculum Designer

With Part A reflections in mind, explore your role as ‘curriculum designer’ by selecting one resource (books, novels, magazines, online websites, etc.) that would promote ‘intentional’ messages to your students (early childhood, elementary, middle years or high school). You will write a critical analysis of your selected resource and design a practical curriculum-based lesson plan using your selected resource.

Guidelines for Assignment:

Step One: Decide if you are working alone or with a partner. Select a book (either from cart in TPC or from your own collection) appropriate for a grade level you are interested in teaching.
Step Two: Write a critical analysis including title, author(s), theme, brief summary, critical analysis. See samples posted by ECS210 Fall students and use template if you choose (you will be using this for your lesson plan in Step Four as well).
Template for Curriculum Design Plan.doc
Another lesson plan possibility - you choice!
Lesson Plan Planning4Learning with Questions.doc
Lesson Plan Planning4Learning Blank Template.doc
Step Three: Look through curriculum to find subject & grade level outcome(s) and indicator(s)that you could design a lesson plan around your selected book. Saskatchewan Curriculum Website (include subject and grade level outcome(s) & indicator(s) for this assignment) If you need to review what outcomes & indicators are please visit page 12 of the Renewed Curricula: Understanding Outcomes Ministry document.
Step Four: Design a 1-2 page lesson plan (refer again to the template used in Step Two OR feel free to use another lesson plan template from other classes). Have fun and be creative!
Template for Curriculum Design Plan.doc
Step Five: Hand in your word-processed critique AND lesson plan to your seminar instructor on Thurs. Nov. 3rd.
Step Six: Add your critique (just copy and paste that piece and not your whole assignment) to our Critical Analysis Collection page in this wiki. Lesson plans are not to be included or uploaded. This page is not locked so you do NOT have to request to be a member of the wiki.

3) Your Curriculum Journey Performance (Due: December 8th, 2011) (40%)
Assignment: Create a performance piece that expresses your processes of learning about curriculum this semester.
Assessment Tool for Performance Ethnography Final ECS210 Assignment.doc