Interested in learning more about blogging?
Ready to challenge yourself to experience learning in a different space/place?
Read on...

Blog (or weblog) is a great space (place) to explore this semester & can be experienced at many different levels:
1. Explore & Enjoy Educator blogs
2. Check out UofR student blogs
3. Post comments on these blogs
4. Create your OWN blog & invite 'critical friends' to read & respond

Where do I start?
1. Explore & Enjoy Canadian Elementary Educator Blogs (and classroom websites):
2. Check out UofR Student Blogs:
The following students started blogging in 2010 in 3rd year pre-internship & are bloggers today in their own classrooms!

3. Post Comments on Blogs:
You may want to set up your own wordpress account so you can comment easily.
Many sites available but wordpress is one of the easiest to use.
Blogging site:
You will want to have a site to be able to comment on other blogs.

4. Create your own blog: Go ahead, try it, keep Privacy setting 'private' while you play, invite 'critical friends' when you are ready. Keep it simple when you start as you'll add as you learn over the next few years!
More samples from pre-internship semester can be found at:
Notice the names of their blogs - creative & meaningful to them - what would your name be?
Remember, your name becomes part of your blog address so it is a very important first step.

Here's a set of instructions for setting up your own wordpress blog.

Winter 2013 Blogs: (Julie's section)