'Curriculum as Written' Treasure Hunt

Curriculum Exploration: Enjoy your 'treasure hunt'! Bring your answers to the next seminar.
Explore the following links, documents and diagrams to better understand 'curriculum as written' in Saskatchewan.
You will find 6 different sections to explore to find answers to 18 questions.
Record your answers to the 18 questions and bring a copy to our seminar.

Let's Begin...
A. Who's Who?
Ministry of Education
Answer the following:
1. Who is the Minister of Education?
2. View & Respond: Examine the photo on this page. Describe what you see. What does this image make you think of? What do you think is happening in this picture? What do we not see? What messages does it send?

B. What's What?
Core Curriculum: Principles, Time Allocations and Credit Policy, October 2009

Referring to the Core Curriculum pdf file, answer the following questions:
3. What are the 2 major components of the core curriculum?
4. What document has been written in recognition of diverse needs of learners?
5. What initiatives does the Core Curriculum include?

C. What's New?

Curriculum Development and Implementation Schedule (Updated Sept. 21, 2010).
Review the schedule below (pdf format), take note of the areas with a red rectangle drawn around it and answer the following:

6. What are the 4 phases that curriculum must go through before it is formally approved?
7. List the curriculum areas that are in the Implementation stage for 2010-2011.

Subject Area Exploration: (We will use the new Health curriculum as an example)
Exploring the new Health curriculum will help you to understand the components and the 'look' of all future curricula.
Health Education Grade 8 (online) Use this link to find the answer to #8 - HINT: Aims & Goals is the first one and Curriculum is the last one. Look at the main page for the other 5 - no need to look further than the first page.

8. What are the 7 key components of the curriculum 'template' that all curricula will be designed around?
9. What is an outcome and an indicator?

Renewed Curriculum: Understanding Outcomes (Go directly to Appendix B to find #11 answer)

Mandatory Treaty Education K-12
On the Treaty Education webpage you will read messages from Elders. Take time to read and think about the messages as they fade in and fade out on this main page.
10. Write down one message that helps you to understand the significance of teaching treaties in the classroom.

View Horizon School Division Treaty Video: The Office of the Treaty Commissioner is pleased to showcase this video, created by students and staff of the Horizon School Division.
11. What is their message?
12. Why do you think Treaty Education has become part of the 'mandated' curriculum?

D. What is the 'big picture', the framework? (see diagram below for link to larger png version)

Curriculum Conceptual Framework

13. What are the 3 Broad Areas of Learning?
14.What are the 4 cross curricular competencies?

E. Who has a Voice in Curriculum?

Example: Aboriginal Education Provincial Advisory Committee Document 2000-2005

There are many educational partners involved in assessing, reporting, advising, informing and designing curriculum. The Aboriginal Education Provincial Advisory Committee Document 2000-2005 is an example of how many educators come together to critically examine what is happening and what needs to be happening. Read through this document and make note of the RED RECTANGLE areas that have been highlighted for you.
Answer the following:
15. What is the 'mistaken belief' presented in the Introduction (p. 1)?
16. What is Principle #1 that should guide all actions of recommendations by committee (p.4)?
17. Write down Principle #4 in full. Why is this significant to you in your journey to becoming a teacher?
18. In the area of 'curriculum actualization', what is the #11 recommendation?
Read through the 3 Frequently Asked Questions
So...what do you think?
How would YOU answer the last question, "How do we honour the holistic intent of the curriculum while ensuring students have achieved individual outcomes?"

F. What's Next?(Don't worry...this is NOT part of the assignment so relax...You really ARE done!)

Just for your future reference.
Two Key Curriculum Policies & Foundational Documents for future lectures, seminars and 'messages' assignment:
Note: These links are provided for you for future reference only. You do NOT have any assigned questions for the What's Next section.